I am Kenda, a stay at home mom. I have a sparkly beautiful little girl and a super cuddly but temperamental little baby boy. I love all things healthy and natural which is why I am near completion of a holistic nutrition certification program. This is my journey to a healthy simple life. I am an aspiring minimalist, an environmentalist who likes to consume mostly plant based whole foods. I have created this platform as a way to achieve my life’s aspiration for clean living, reducing my carbon foot print while reducing consumption and eliminating clutter. This is a lifestyle blog about learning to live with intention from the food we eat to the things we wear and where we call home. I can not say I am a true perfectionist so I know there will be many bumps along the way but for once in my life I truly feel that this is my true calling. I am hoping it will inspire others to this path not only for the sake of their livelihood but for the sake of our beautiful planet who so desperately needs us to wake up and be the change. I hope you take a chance on me and my journey. What is in it for you? Awesome healthy plant based recipes, natural and ethical DIY beauty tips, and plenty of ways to simplify everyday chores while enjoying all things that this beautiful life has to offer.

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