A Reflection On 2016

Can I get real for a minute about 2016?

Well, it was a sucky year, probably one of the worst that I can remember. It was bad from the start. My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor, my mom was suffering from chronic pain and could no longer work. We lost my dad over the summer which was really hard for me. We also lost a valuable member of our family due to a breakup, and the icing on the cake.. my house had a leak and it caused damage to both the top and the main floor all the way to the basement. It really felt like it was one thing after the next. I get it, that’s life sometimes and you can’t control every aspect of it but it took a lot out of me. Even motherhood was really rough this year and I think it was mostly because my children were feeding off the negative energy around, they were just really resistant. Many times I thought about escaping.

We all deal with some sense of struggle especially with a loss, and I know my struggle is probably a dream to someone else. I’m not blind to the chaos happing to this world, I have family in Iraq and Syria so world problems are really close to home. Although sometimes I feel like my family back home is able to cope more than we can here with our first world problems.

So why am I posting this? what does all of my problems of this past year have to do with simplicity?

I feel that although I was very consumed by all the awful things that were happening in my life I never took the time to grieve, heal and let go. I am still holding on to all of it, storing it away in a place not wanting to face it. This year I have dealt with anxiety and a few breakdowns but to the outside world I was portraying this put together kind of life, and part of it was that I was trying to keep strong. My school was also keeping me very busy. But like anything, if you don’t deal with it and declutter, the sea of emotion it will rise up until it drowns you.

Well now we are in the last couple of weeks of 2016, and I know 2017 has to be better and I also know that I have to make it better but I can’t go into it without resolving the baggage from this year.

So first step it to lay it all out, and that’s what I’m doing here, I’m laying it out once and for all and like I saw this meme on the internet say “the first rule of 2017 is you don’t talk about 2016” so this is my way of getting it down and out. Another way to do this is to have a really good cry, I’m not a cryer except when I’m watching a really sappy commercial or a feel good movie but I feel like I need to just have a loud and ugly cry where I can just release all this built up emotion inside.

The second Step is self-care. With my husband having some time off from work I’ll have him around to be with the kids when I need a moment to myself to do things that bring me back to me. There will be a lot of yoga, running, reading, art, journaling and maybe a nice bath or two.

The third step is to use the last couple of weeks to really reflect and disconnect. After today I’m taking a break from social media until the end of the year. I feel like social media has consumed me this year. Part of being connected a lot was to get this online presence to share my message and have accountability for my journey but it’s becoming to be a little too much for me and I need some time away. I want to focus on enjoying my family this break, do fun things with my kids without worrying about missing a day of posting or waste hours going through my IG or Facebook feeds comparing myself to others and feeling awful about what I am not.

I think this break will be a good time to grow into what my mission is, and I’m hoping next year I’ll be able to really provide you with real inspiration and solutions on how to bring simplicity into your everyday life so there is a better focus on a more content and intentional life.

So to everyone have a really great holiday season and an awesome ending to 2016 and a great new beginning to 2017. I hope to see you folks next year.

“New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings” ~ Lao Tzu










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