My Not So Simple Explanation About Simple Living

I can go on and on about what simple living means to me but it’s really not so simple. There are many aspects and things to consider when embarking on this path and in this post I will discuss the ethical aspect of simplicity.

The quote I have up on my website for one sums it up

“ Live simply so others may simply live” ~ Mahatma Gandhi



So what does this mean?

In my holistic Nutrition Program, we had one course called Nutrition and the Environment. It was an introductory course about the damage our over consumption is having on our planet; from the food we eat to the toxins and chemicals we use in our day to day lives, that not only have a negative effect on our health and well-being but on everything else.

I remember finishing that course and feeling overwhelmed with anger, and guilt because I knew very well that I was part of the problem. I wanted to go home and toss out everything I had, from cleaning products, to beauty and body care items. I wanted to start over from scratch but that in itself became overwhelming. I mean to replace everything I owned with green, or sustainable items meant I was going to spend so much money and what will I do with the stuff I already had, toss them in the garbage so they can fill the landfills? Talk about counter productive.

I knew I needed to just take baby steps. Use up what I had and then never buy it again, but it also made me rethink that many of the things I was using I didn’t actually need or even use. All those facial creams, and hair products. All that makeup I owned, clothes I didn’t wear, or those things that you use once and you toss, I mean really, what a waste.

I started to realize that living with less was so much easier.

Look, I’m not perfect, I’m nowhere near perfect but I have goals and that’s the point of this journey, is to be conscious of what you buy, eat, wear and who is it impacting. Am I trying to better society or are my decisions benefiting my own self-interest only?

I’m not sure I’m explaining this right, I mean some may think that being conscious is harder, having to look at every ingredient on a food package, or to look at every label to find out where and how it was made, or saying no to conveniences like packaged foods. All those things seem to require effort, and they do but by reducing you are making more effort where it counts and reducing anything that serves no purpose to you or the greater good.

img_5901Here is an example, by eating local, organic homemade food that is nutritious you are preventing health issues and diseases which are a lot simpler and easier than having to deal with healing a condition you could have prevented. By making your own body care products, and house cleaning agents you are saving money, and the less you become dependent on money the more you are likely to spend that money on experiences or charity. By boycotting sweatshops, and poor working conditions in developing countries you are bettering someone else’s life. I mean I could really go on. Being part of the bigger picture is what makes it so simple

Did I explain this alright?

I want my good quality of life not to effect anything or anyone negatively. I want to be conscious that every decision and every purchase will not allow anyone to sacrifice their health or livelihood, not to harm any animal, not to have a negative impact on the environment and also not to have a negative impact on my or my family’s health.

Living that lifestyle and being conscious of it will automatically simplify your life. Being conscious that the things you own do not make up your self-worth is everything you need for complete satisfaction.

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