We Are All Naturally Beautiful

I am not perfect but I am perfectly me, I am not beautiful but I am beautifully me. We all know beauty is subjective but our society likes to constantly remind us where we fit in on the beauty meter, and their intentions is to sell us the idea that we too can fit into that meter if only we lost some weight or we buy that age defying under eye cream. How lucky were our ancestors not having to struggle into this constant reminder that we have to buy buy buy to be beautiful. We are all beautiful, every creature on this planet is beautiful in their own little way, from the flowers that grow in our gardens to the annoying flies that sneak into our homes and contaminate our foods. We all have a purpose and that purpose is part of that beauty.

Don’t get me wrong. I have struggled with my own self doubt when it comes to appearance but I guess with age comes wisdom and I feel more beautiful than ever. I do not have an issue with wanting to enhance and feel good about yourself. I like to style my hair and wear makeup when I am out and about but I try not to allow it to be my focus around my existence. my make-up never takes longer than 5 minutes to do whether I am going out to the farmers market or attending a wedding. I have my basic essentials and out the door I go.

I will share all my tips of natural and ethical make-up favourites, skin care products, and all things beauty. The main idea is to get back to the basics, understanding that you actually do not need so many products and you can still feel beautiful from the inside out. Stay tuned it is going to get super exciting.

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