How I Discovered My Path To Minimalism And The People That Helped Me Along The Way

This began a few years back, I randomly came across a blog post by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and I was blown away by this idea of “to attain happiness” you really have to
get rid of stuff and stop buying more stuff. It was such a beautiful and simple concept, it got me so intrigued that I began thinking about adapting these ideas to reduce the clutter in my life.


I revisited this idea when I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo whose method is to only keep/buy things that spark joy. While many cleaning/de-cluttering methods are strategize in a room by room basis or by floor, her method is organized based on categories. For example, all items of clothes regardless of the season, or all kitchen items even those stored away for later use. I enjoyed this book because it showed you the how and the why, but I wanted to go further. Although Kon Marie advocates keeping things that sparked joy she was too quick to advise that you can always replace things you got rid of once you need it again which was not a very minimalistic concept. I wanted to go further, yes I wanted to only have things that spark joy but I also did not want to rely on things/stuff to spark joy. I was ready to allow only simple experiences to spark joy in my life.


This is when I met Josh Becker. I did not meet him physically but I did read his book Simplify. He was my step further. He advocates a simpler life free of positions and life’s clutters, not only material but everything else such as overloaded calendars, learning to say no, digital clutter down to you career path. Josh was someone I can definitely relate to.

There are many more inspirational minimalist that are helping me along this journey and I know it will not be an easy one but I’m ready to jump head first. Who inspires you to live with less?

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